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  • Claire Crockett

Focus on Mother Nature Not Mass Media: A Springtime Wish For Us All

As the world is caught up in an explosion of fear, rumour, speculation, and anxiety it’s more important than ever to lift our eyes from our screens and look outside our windows. We need to look up, see the world around us and focus our attention away from the news and on to the wonders of Mother Nature.

So many of us live our lives in a virtual world, social media is stealing us away from social interaction, community and time spent outside.

One of my favourite things to do is walk in nature. I am lucky enough to have many open spaces around me and living in the Chilterns I have access to many beautiful woodlands and AONB. I have found that time outside lifts my mood, grounds me and makes me a far nicer human being to be around.

A 2019 study by the University of Exeter Medical School discovered that as little as two hours spent in nature can have a significant boost to our health and well-being. The benefits of spending time in nature have been found to include improved short-term memory, reduced levels of stress and inflammation, a boost to our immune system and improved mental health. Additionally, it provides a Vitamin D top up, improved creativity and is a mood enhancer. Isn’t it about time you put your screen down and smelt the coffee? Or, should that be the smell of Spring?

Whilst not everyone has easy access to woodlands, coast lines or wide open skies there are many green spaces hidden away just waiting for you to discover them. How about drinking your morning cuppa in the garden or on your balcony, or taking a walk at lunch time, taking time to sit on a park bench or if you’re self-isolating, even looking up at the sky from your window.

Can you remember the last time you stopped for a moment and looked at the buds on the trees, listened to the birds singing with the promise of Spring, spent a moment feeling the tingles of sunshine on your skin or the splashes of rain on your face?

My wish for you today is that you take a moment to put down your devices, step outside and wonder at the magic of the world around us.

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